Macclesfield is where I was born, grew up and then started writing poetry and lyrics. I’d like to start by thanking my mum Lesley and my dad Marshall for all that they have done over the years for me and my brother Richard how has now had two daughters with is partner Becci, my wonderful nieces that always put a smile on my face.


Through my teenage years sounds of my favorite music would have been blasting out of my speakers with that famous saying parents say to there teenage kids, Turn That Music Down! There are not many days in a year when I don't listen to music and it's been this way ever since I was a child. Music has always been on around me during the week it's on the radio at the printers I work for and at the weekend playing my music at home.


Back in the 90’s I was playing music in my bedroom while writing my poetry and lyrics in secret.

For many years I did this, but back then my writing wasn't that good but every now and then in a poem there would be a great line in it which made me think that's interesting, so I continued to do what I was doing. It’s not like I wrote all the time,

it was just something I kept going back to.

In 1995, i was 15 and a big fan of a band on the rise called Oasis who were a big inspiration for me at that time.


I got to that age where I started going out drinking with friends at the weekend but that was a good thing for my writing with all the dramas that can come about when drunk people get together and as I have got great friends there was always a great time ahead of us so ideas for my writing also came from weekends out on the beer.


In my 20’s I wrote 'Over The Horizon' which changed everything, I thought to myself, I have written something quite good here and if I can do it once, I'll be able to come up with something good again. Over the years Ive started getting into music from the 50s, 60s, 70s and the 80s with artists such as Chuck Berry, Andy Williams, Sam Cooke, The Beatles, The kinks, The Who, Queen, Joy Division, U2, Elton John, Bon Jovi, Prince, Stone Roses and many more. These great artists have continued to inspire me over the years, giving me ideas and themes to my poetry.


In 2009 I decided to put together all the best pieces of poetry/lyrics that I had wrote up until then and have them put in a book. I wrote to a publishers called 'Arthur H Stockwell' about my writing and they agreed after seeing some of my work. They published my book of poetry named 'Over The Horizon'. All I needed now was a picture for the cover of my book, then I remembered a picture I took from Christmas 2004 when I was on holiday in Australia, it was of the gold coast, me and a few friends were making our way back to are hotel after a night out, the sun had started to Rise so I decided to take a few pictures of it over the gold coast and it was perfect for my book cover. My book was published in 2010.


Now I have started working with songwriters/musicians who have been putting music to my lyrics.


In 2014 I met a guy called Ewan McKenzie who has a band called Emporium and he liked a few of my lyrics, he has now put music to them and the songs are called, 'Gloomy Shadows', 'Zebra Crossing' and 'An Appointment'. 'Gloomy Shadows' was uploaded to YouTube in November 2015 and all these songs are on a mini album, which is out on February 5th 2016.



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